Gary V and I are on the same page

21 02 2009

When I wake up every morning, part of my routine is to think.  I think about life, business, what I’m supposed to do that day, what clothes are clean, which people I have to call, etc.  Today I was pondering success.  If you read my ABOUT COLIN page (I was updating and writing this as I was thinking) you’ll see a line in BOLD that mentions talent not getting you nearly as far in life as a good work ethic.  This definitely goes hand in hand with a video I just watched a few minutes ago from Gary Vaynerchuk–

If you are passionate about something, work will not seem like work, and in turn your work ethic will be unparalleled.


Colin C. Stevens


First video using my new Insignia NS-DCC5HB09

20 02 2009

So far, this camera is awesome!!  Takes a nice picture, the mic isn’t bad at all, and it’s very compact.  Add all this to the price ($150) and this is a worthy investment for anyone!

More videos to come!  Only from here on out, they will mostly be real estate related.

Colin Stevens

Busy Busy Busy!

17 02 2009

Colin C Stevens
North Valley Specialist

This past 2 weeks have been insanely busy with clients coming into town and looking/buying homes! It’s like someone flipped a mini ON switch to our market here, and I like it.  Judging by my personal business, that of my Team, and hopefully that of other agents, this influx of clients/contracts will result in a healthy February/March!

Amidst the economic issues of today and rock bottom levels of market confidence, it is a luxury and blessing to say “My name is Colin Stevens.  I am a FULL TIME REALTOR and am staying more than busy.”

–Colin C. Stevens

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