Busy Busy Busy!

17 02 2009

Colin C Stevens
North Valley Specialist

This past 2 weeks have been insanely busy with clients coming into town and looking/buying homes! It’s like someone flipped a mini ON switch to our market here, and I like it.  Judging by my personal business, that of my Team, and hopefully that of other agents, this influx of clients/contracts will result in a healthy February/March!

Amidst the economic issues of today and rock bottom levels of market confidence, it is a luxury and blessing to say “My name is Colin Stevens.  I am a FULL TIME REALTOR and am staying more than busy.”

–Colin C. Stevens

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2 responses

17 02 2009

Who said the housing market was slow… Oh ya… The media…

Oh well, I guess we are just opting out of the recession.

17 02 2009

Very true! If you ask 50% of the agents in the Phoenix Metro area that WERE agents in the ’05 boom, they’ll say the housing market is slow too. But what do they know?

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