Phoenix Real Estate…Listing my First Home!

24 03 2009

I have focused strictly on representing buyers since I’ve become a REALTOR, and the opportunity to list my first property has presented itself recently.  I have acted upon it.

I wanted to use this video as a way to debut my face/voice to the world.  Let me know what you think of the video, and preferably any input for my listing appointment=]

leave feedback in a comment below.

Many Thanks!  I look forward to reading everyone’s input.


Latest Real Estate Blog Post

17 03 2009

I just posted a new blogpost on my team’s website about the housing market, which I definitely think you should check out if you have any interest in the economy/housing…

Good news on the Housing Front

In other updates, I am currently putting together materials for vlogposts in the near future.  Keep an eye out for what is to come!

North Phoenix Shops At Norterra…continued

14 03 2009

Here is the follow up to my previous blogpost on The Shops At Norterra!  Previously did a commentary on the development, and now a video to give somewhat of an idea to the lay of the land.

Want to live close by?  Or even far away? Contact me!

Winter in Phoenix, Arizona

8 03 2009

These clips were filmed over a 3 week period.  This is what an average WINTER day looks like here in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

If you have any questions, contact me.

Phoenix, Arizona. Zia. Me=Old School?

8 03 2009

Today, I felt I needed to expand my library of music.

Many people use programs such as iTunes, Rhapsody, etc., but I’m not buying it.  There is something about PHYSICALLY going to a record store that I feel the need for.  Maybe it’s the risk I take by buying an entire album for Zia Purchasejust one song (daredevil, I know ;])?  Or is it the fact that I am actually purchasing a tangible object; not just megabytes of info?  Whatever the case, I enjoy going to my local music store (Zia Record Exchange) and buying an actual album.

I didn’t feel like spending an obscene amount of money, so I gave myself a $20 budget.  I managed to find 3 albums of interest, with a total of 31 songs (beats $.99 per song!).  So far, I am not completely satisfied with my purchase, however, I have not had a chance to listen in depth to every album.  I will have to do a follow up on this to give a final review of my purchase.

Anyways, thinking about this trip spawned a question in my mind:

Am I “OLD SCHOOL” for preferring a “brick and mortar” record shop over these programs?

-Colin Stevens

I regrettably inform

3 03 2009

I just found out that it is a big NO NO to post publicly my video tours of homes of listings that aren’t mine.  Therefore, I will no longer be posting these for your viewing pleasure.  =[

Not for the general public anyways…so If you would like to see homes in person, or videos of homes, contact me about buying here in the Phoenix Metro Area!