Final Walkthroughs…to do, or not to do; that is NOT the question.

16 06 2009

Just posted another magical blog about an interesting story I heard regarding a shady deal a fellow Realtor dealt with.  As you click the link below, remember these two things…

1.  ALWAYS DO A FINAL WALKTHROUGH, regardless of the situation (i.e. foreclosure, short sale, regular resale, etc.) when buying Phoenix/Scottsdale/Glendale real estate, or real estate anywhere for that matter.

2.  ALWAYS CONTACT COLIN STEVENS (me) when thinking of buying or selling Phoenix/Scottsdale/Glendale real estate or future real estate in the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Glendale Arizona area.  my contact info is at the bottom of the post=]

Talk to you soon!

Phoenix/Scottsdale/Glendale Arizona Final Walkthroughs

-Colin Stevens, a.k.a colincs for everyone familiar with Twitter


Phoenix Historic Districts-Ashland Place

6 06 2009

NEW BLOG POST on my team real estate website about this awesome, charming historic neighborhood we know as Ashland Place Historic District, or Ashland Place Subdivision.  Here is the drive through video I made to accompany the blog:

Apologies for the rough video of the first street (Hoover Ave).  Enjoy!

Any feedback or questions are greatly appreciated!

-Colin Stevens

Phoenix Real Estate Update—new posts

4 06 2009

I just posted another super duper blog on my team’s website taking a snapshot of the real estate market here in Phoenix, Arizona.

Watching the Market–Phoenix

If you have had your head buried in the sand the past 6 months, read that post and contact me!

-Colin Stevens