Top 3 [not so] Pricey Phoenix, Arizona Pads

29 09 2009

Just a quick post for those that enjoy HIGH END, luxury homes.  Within the past three (3) months, 14 homes have sold for $3 MILLION or $more$.  Of these 14, I am picking my top 3 based on price per sq ft and personal taste mainly, but other factors will be included (i.e. location).

  • First off, this stunning 10,634 sq ft, 8bedroom 8.5 bathroom home in Paradise Valley sold for $316.35/sq ft.  If you break out your calculators, you should be getting a total of $3,364,063.  Heated pool, guest casita, and a 5 car garage are just a few of the lavish features.

  • Slightly smaller at only 8,311 sq ft, another beautiful Paradise Valley 4bedroom 6.5 bathroom contemporary residence sold for $3,100,000, making it #2 on the list at $373.00/sq ft.  This gem boasts a workout room, views, and a game room.

  • Lastly, I chose another Paradise Valley home that sold for $389.30/sq ft, or $3,086,000 total.  5 bedrooms 5.5 bathrooms, 7,927 sq ft are enclosed by this awesome Santa Barbara/Tuscan exterior.

Needless to say, Paradise Valley dominated this list.  This is due to the fact that Paradise Valley held 4 of the 5 cheapest prices/sq ft, all under $400/sq ft, and happens to be more conveniently located.  If it weren’t for location, though, Scottsdale would have easily made this list.  The North Scottsdale home that didn’t make the cut is located close to Troon North (too far out for my taste), which is a solid 45 min drive from the airport.  Being closer into town and easing drive times to and from major places/events is more important.

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Phoenix, AZ-Qwest Building IMPLODED

28 09 2009

I was very bummed I did not get to see this first hand, but on the bright side, these camera angles might be just a little better than if I were there on the ground=].  The building was designed/constructed by Al Beadle in 1973, and was the home of Qwest until 2003.  This happens to be the FIRST implosion in the Phoenix Area in more than 30 years!  Enjoy the footage!



Listen for “who’s going to clean the glass off the windows?”  Not sure if she meant dirt, but it sounded funny to me.  Maybe because it’s 4am here and I should have been in bed 5 hours ago.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Phoenix Fine Restaurants Offer DISCOUNTED Meal Pricing!

18 09 2009

I read this article moments ago, and had to alert everyone of the great news.  Quite a few fine dining restaurants around the Phoenix Metropolitan area will be offering discounts from September 19 to September 26, 2009.

Here is the price breakdown:

  • $29 (per person) for 3 courses
  • $58 (per couple) for 3 courses

Participating Restaurants

-Colin Stevens

Phoenix Historic District Series…to be continued?

17 09 2009

So, as the one of you who reads this blog has noticed, I haven’t posted any new historic district posts in forever.  That is because a while back I realized that my video technique was useless, as one could just as easily go onto Google Maps, hit up the street view, and get a fairly clear shot of the street/houses/yards/etc.  I have no idea why it took me so long to realize this, as I am a frequent user of street view, but everyone has their moments, am I right?

On top of this, I have been SLAMMED with clients.  In light of these two factors, I have decided to terminate my historic district video efforts.  And until I can come up with a creative and groundbreaking  way to report these, or any districts for that matter, I will not post another neighborhood video.

Picture this…you are out of town, and unfamiliar with anything in the Phoenix/Glendale/Peoria, Arizona areas.  How would you like to see neighborhoods presented to you?

Please send me your ideas!

Colin Stevens