What’s that I hear? yes..it’s a music post

7 10 2009

I recently re-thought my whole blog’s purpose and message and came up with it’s current title “ReMyousEstate”-Real Estate, Music, and YOU.  I am passionate about all three things, so it only seemed natural to mash them into 1 blog.  On a side note, I will be tying them together here in the very near future (I have some stuff in the works that will blow your minds) so stay tuned, because you make up the most important part of my blog!

Back to the topic at hand, I realize I haven’t done a single music post!  So let’s go back, follow the yellow brick road…

I was introduced to a band recently, who I think everyone should listen to, but only if you like great music and tasty grooves.  The band is Soulive.  I have only had the chance to buy two of their albums, but so far I am very pleased.  (albums I have are Next, and Breakout).  From these two albums, I hear cues from all genres and artists like Joshua Redman, Tower of Power, The Roots, and so on…basically, what I’m trying to say is you have to bob your head when you hear these guys.  If you don’t, I would see a doctor because you might not be human.  Here is a little taste for you, so crank up your volume, hit play, and make sure your neck is thoroughly stretched.

Check out Soulive by clicking the previous links, on iTunes and also on MySpace.




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