The First Microsoft Store, Scottsdale, Arizona

23 10 2009

Microsoft Store Scottsdale, AZ 2

As promised in my previous post, I managed to make it out to the grand opening of this store ysesterday, and I must say, it was outstanding!  Some of the coolest things I noticed were:

The $10 MILLION dollar screen that ran the length of the store on both sides.  I am told it is powered by 7 computers running the new and highly praised Windows 7 operating system.

Layered Screen

The “surfaces,” which are basically touch screen table mats that can be used exclusively in commercial settings for now.  Imagine a 1/4 inch thick computer monitor that lays flat on any table, and you control it with your fingertips.  Minority Report anyone?  Plan on dropping a hefty $35K on these bad boys!

Windows 7…looked a lot like Vista to me, but I am told it is like a highly upgraded version of it.  This meaning it is much faster, and has tweaks making it more user friendly.  Unfortunately, the store was PACKED and I did not get much time to play around with the system, but the short time I was able to, I did notice it was much faster than Vista.  Other than that, It was visually pleasing and familiar (looked very similar to Vista).

One more cool thing about the store; you can purchase pretty much ANYTHING Microsoft (Windows 7, laptops, Zunes, PCs, xBox, xBox games, etc.).  ALSO, if you purchase a computer here, it will be comparable to a Best Buy/Fry’s Electronics price, MINUS THE FREEWARE and BS that they load their computers up with.  For me, it is a no brainer to shop here over retail electronic stores!

The only thing I missed was Ashley Tisdale…I don’t know how I am still alive!

Microsoft Store Scottsdale, AZ 3

P.S. is it ironic/weird that I am using a MAC to post this blog?




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23 10 2009
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