Top 3 [Not so Pricey] Phoenix Pads, 3rd ed.

6 11 2009

Another post for you readers with discriminating taste in high end real estate…$3MIL+ style!  Since my last 3MIL+ Pricey Pad post, only 2 homes have closed so it makes this edition super easy.  Even if there were more, I think these two would still make the top 3.

Stats – This lavish estate set at the base of Pinnacle Peak consists of 6,588 sq ft, 3bedrooms, 3.5 baths, a guest house, resort backyard, a membership to the Jack Nicklaus golf course, among many, MANY other amenities and perks (hey, what do you expect for a $3 MILLION house?) sold for $3,050,000 or $462.96 per square foot in October.

Stats – Yet again, another Paradise Valley gem!  Unloaded just before Halloween for a MERE $1,313.62 per square foot to total $3,510,000.  This home on 4 acres consists of 3 beds, 2.5 baths, 2672 sq ft, a diving pool, and a PRIME location with plenty of mountain views (Camelback, Mummy Mountain, and the Praying Monk).  Judging by the amount of pictures on the listing (2 total, neither of which are of the house), this is either an uncooperative occupant, or a home that someone buys just for the land, with the intention of tearing down the current house and building a super estate.

Stick around for the next edition of my Top 3 [Not So] Pricey Phoenix Pads!

Contact me if you would like to discuss buying or selling a home in the Phoenix Metro area.

-Colin Stevens

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