16 04 2010

I’m in CREATE MODE-brainstorming for my new blog site-ReMyousEstate-a mashup of Real Estate, Music, and YOU, the readers (pronounced Ree-muse-estate).  Thoughts?


Something All Home Shoppers Should Have…

11 04 2010

I just returned home from a wonderful home tour today of 10 homes all over north Phoenix and Glendale, and thought I should share this necessity with all home buyers.  If you are scheduled to go out with a Realtor to look for your next home, fill one of these out for EVERY HOME YOU VIEW, and your life will be a lot easier when it comes time to make a decision.

Here is the Home Buyer Spread Sheet for your viewing and using pleasure.  Couple this with any pictures you take, and a Full detail report from the MLS (if you are one of my clients), and remembering nuances about homes will be a snap.

Comments/ratings/feedback is always appreciated!

More Bay Area Funk/Soul Music-Monophonics

10 04 2010

Just ran across these guys via Destruments on Twitter.  Checked out their site, listened to a few songs, and me likey.  If I were to describe their sound based on the few songs I heard it would be as follows:

If you threw Tower of Power and Marc Moulin (among other 60s-70s funk/soul) into a mixing bowl, stirred them up, and poured out a hard hitting, body moving, funkalicious (1,000x better than Fergalicious) groove, you would have Monophonics (here you can listen to and purchase the full album).

Here is Baobob Tree, from their album Playin & Simple.

Comments and ratings greatly appreciated=]


8 04 2010

I just read an email from my e-sign service (EchoSign) informing me of the great news!  I will just give 3 reasons rapid fire off the top of my head why this is a HUGE move towards a better tomorrow in FHA related real estate transactions:




Here is the post on the EchoSign blog about FHA/HUD allowing electronic signatures and showing a copy of the letter from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.  (FYI, I am not related to the Assistant Secretary for Housing, David H. Stevens.)

What this means to YOU as an FHA homebuyer

You will now be able to sign contracts ON YOUR SCHEDULE, DO AWAY WITH EXCESSIVE PAPERWORK and have FASTER RESPONSE TIMES.  Contract signing will be done through email with the click of a button and stored securely on the e-signature service’s server, as well as copies emailed to you in pdf form once signed and filed.  The process in real time, about 5 minutes (unless you haven’t had time prior to signing to read the contract).

In other words, you will be signing contracts more efficiently and conveniently, while “going green” at the same time.  Of course, your Realtor has to be a part of one of these services.  If I were home shopping, I would make this a requirement of my Realtor.

Phoenix Luxury Home of the Week #8

6 04 2010

Week 8 of the Phoenix area luxury home pick!  As always, I hope everyone is getting their week off to a positive start and continuing to do big things thus far in 2010.

Phoenix area Luxury Home pick #8

This week’s pick had the best of ALL worlds.  Location was a huge impact (85083 zip code), though the features alone made it an easy choice.  Between the infinity pool, spa, hilltop lot, city views, plethora of outdoor living space, and retractable glass walls, I couldn’t put my finger on the best feature.


  • Phoenix, AZ
  • 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms
  • 7,033 sq ft
  • Private Pool
  • 5 car garage
  • 2007 Build Date
  • listed at $2,950,000, or ($419.45 per sq ft)


LuxPick8.1 LuxPick8.3
LuxPick8.4 LuxPick8.5
LuxPick8.6 LuxPick8.2

Another one for the books…that’s Phoenix area luxury home pick #8!  Check back next week to see #9.

For other outstanding, pricey homes, check out my previous Luxury Home Picks while you are browsing!

If you would like to discuss Phoenix area luxury real estate, contact me.

-Colin Stevens

*This listing brought to you by DPR Realty, LLC 623-979-3002.

Oaktown Playas – Destruments

5 04 2010

If you haven’t heard of these guys, it is a requirement you hear them NOW.  Coming out of Oakland, these guys put it down.  FYI, stretch your neck muscles, because you will be bobbing you head.  Enjoy a few videos, then stop by their MySpace, add them, and buy their albums from iTunes, Rhapsody, and other places.

Destruments- MySpace