About Colin Stevens

Myself in a nut shell…no, not literally.

A little explanation on the blog title first: I wanted to create a blog that I have never seen done before.  So after a long and hard brainstorm, I came up with Real Estate, Music, and You.  Three things I am passionate about, combined…what could be better?


I’ve been working and learning the value of a dollar my entire life. Starting out in my father’s auto restoration shop as a young boy, I learned quickly that I did not want to sand on fenders for the rest of my life, however, it did teach me the effort and skills required to make a show quality car! The most valuable lesson in business, WORK ETHIC, I learned in this shop. A good work ethic will get one much farther than talent alone.

I have been living on my own since the age of 17, during which time I have attended school full time and worked 30+ hours at various restaurants simultaneously.  Being a REALTOR is my FULL TIME job.  Everyday consists of watching the market, previewing homes for clients, coordinating timely events for current deals, etc.  I am making myself at home in this business, and am determined to become your mega agent.

Colin C. Stevens

Colin [at] PhoenixPowerSearch.com



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