Phoenix Neighborhood Profile- Entrada

28 01 2010
Vodpod videos no longer available.
I posted a neighborhood profile on Entrada a while back on my team website, so feel free to check that out, however, I will be getting into a bit deeper detail in this post.

After you take the time to view the slide show from around the neighborhood, here are some facts:

On the border of the 3 cities Glendale, Phoenix, and Peoria.  Great location– convenient to shopping, eating, freeways, good schools, golf, entertainment, and outdoor activities. Here is a list to name a few (all distances are approximate).

Nearby Schools

Mountain Ridge High School (9-12)

Hillcrest Middle School (7-8)

Las Brisas Elementary School (K-6)

Terramar School (preschool-8)

Glendale Community College North

Here is an aerial view of the neighborhood for you to browse.  Also, stop by my Entrada Neighborhood Market Updates to see recent market activity for this neighborhood!

CONTACT ME if you would like a list of homes for sale in this neighborhood, or if you would like any additional info!


Where in The World is That Guy Colin Stevens?!

3 12 2009

Watch the video and it shall explain it all.  I haven’t posted in a minute or two, and this is what I have been doing with my time instead.

Enjoy, and please SUBSCRIBE! (email or reader!)

Thank You=]

Colin Stevens

Phoenix Fine Restaurants Offer DISCOUNTED Meal Pricing!

18 09 2009

I read this article moments ago, and had to alert everyone of the great news.  Quite a few fine dining restaurants around the Phoenix Metropolitan area will be offering discounts from September 19 to September 26, 2009.

Here is the price breakdown:

  • $29 (per person) for 3 courses
  • $58 (per couple) for 3 courses

Participating Restaurants

-Colin Stevens

Final Walkthroughs…to do, or not to do; that is NOT the question.

16 06 2009

Just posted another magical blog about an interesting story I heard regarding a shady deal a fellow Realtor dealt with.  As you click the link below, remember these two things…

1.  ALWAYS DO A FINAL WALKTHROUGH, regardless of the situation (i.e. foreclosure, short sale, regular resale, etc.) when buying Phoenix/Scottsdale/Glendale real estate, or real estate anywhere for that matter.

2.  ALWAYS CONTACT COLIN STEVENS (me) when thinking of buying or selling Phoenix/Scottsdale/Glendale real estate or future real estate in the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Glendale Arizona area.  my contact info is at the bottom of the post=]

Talk to you soon!

Phoenix/Scottsdale/Glendale Arizona Final Walkthroughs

-Colin Stevens, a.k.a colincs for everyone familiar with Twitter

Phoenix, Arizona Summers!

24 05 2009

Although it’s not technically summer yet, it’s definitely starting to feel like it during some days.  So, I made an extra special video as my ode to summer!

I can’t put into words how much love when my flesh almost melts off when I enter my car in the parking lot, or when my hand almost disintegrates when I attempt to grab the steering wheel!

On a serious note, besides the hot car parts I do not mind the heat.  It is bearable thanks to; 1. AIR CONDITIONING 2. SWIMMING POOLS 3. SHADE and BREEZE.

With that being said, here are the average temperatures in Phoenix, AZ, thanks to

Month Avg.
Mean Avg.
Jan 67°F 45°F 54°F 0.83 in. 88°F (1971) 16°F (1913)
Feb 71°F 48°F 60°F 0.77 in. 92°F (1986) 24°F (1933)
Mar 76°F 51°F 65°F 1.07 in. 100°F (1988) 25°F (1966)
Apr 85°F 58°F 71°F 0.25 in. 105°F (1992) 35°F (1922)
May 94°F 67°F 81°F 0.16 in. 114°F (1910) 39°F (1899)
Jun 104°F 75°F 90°F 0.09 in. 122°F (1990) 49°F (1908)
Jul 107°F 81°F 95°F 0.99 in. 121°F (1995) 63°F (1912)
Aug 105°F 80°F 95°F 0.94 in. 116°F (2003) 58°F (1917)
Sep 99°F 75°F 87°F 0.75 in. 116°F (1950) 47°F (1965)
Oct 88°F 63°F 75°F 0.79 in. 107°F (1980) 34°F (1971)
Nov 75°F 50°F 63°F 0.73 in. 96°F (1924) 27°F (1931)
Dec 70°F 44°F 56°F 0.92 in. 87°F (1950) 22°F (1911)

And for those more familiar with the metric system:

Month Avg.
Mean Avg.
Jan 19°C 7°C 12°C 21.1 mm 31°C (1971) -9°C (1913)
Feb 22°C 9°C 16°C 19.6 mm 33°C (1986) -4°C (1933)
Mar 24°C 11°C 18°C 27.2 mm 38°C (1988) -4°C (1966)
Apr 29°C 14°C 22°C 6.4 mm 41°C (1992) 2°C (1922)
May 34°C 19°C 27°C 4.1 mm 46°C (1910) 4°C (1899)
Jun 40°C 24°C 32°C 2.3 mm 50°C (1990) 9°C (1908)
Jul 42°C 27°C 35°C 25.1 mm 49°C (1995) 17°C (1912)
Aug 41°C 27°C 35°C 23.9 mm 47°C (2003) 14°C (1917)
Sep 37°C 24°C 31°C 19.0 mm 47°C (1950) 8°C (1965)
Oct 31°C 17°C 24°C 20.1 mm 42°C (1980) 1°C (1971)
Nov 24°C 10°C 17°C 18.5 mm 36°C (1924) -3°C (1931)
Dec 21°C 7°C 13°C 23.4 mm 31°C (1950) -6°C (1911)

Phoenix Real Estate…Listing my First Home!

24 03 2009

I have focused strictly on representing buyers since I’ve become a REALTOR, and the opportunity to list my first property has presented itself recently.  I have acted upon it.

I wanted to use this video as a way to debut my face/voice to the world.  Let me know what you think of the video, and preferably any input for my listing appointment=]

leave feedback in a comment below.

Many Thanks!  I look forward to reading everyone’s input.

Latest Real Estate Blog Post

17 03 2009

I just posted a new blogpost on my team’s website about the housing market, which I definitely think you should check out if you have any interest in the economy/housing…

Good news on the Housing Front

In other updates, I am currently putting together materials for vlogposts in the near future.  Keep an eye out for what is to come!