North Phoenix Shops At Norterra…continued

14 03 2009

Here is the follow up to my previous blogpost on The Shops At Norterra!  Previously did a commentary on the development, and now a video to give somewhat of an idea to the lay of the land.

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Phoenix, Arizona. Zia. Me=Old School?

8 03 2009

Today, I felt I needed to expand my library of music.

Many people use programs such as iTunes, Rhapsody, etc., but I’m not buying it.  There is something about PHYSICALLY going to a record store that I feel the need for.  Maybe it’s the risk I take by buying an entire album for Zia Purchasejust one song (daredevil, I know ;])?  Or is it the fact that I am actually purchasing a tangible object; not just megabytes of info?  Whatever the case, I enjoy going to my local music store (Zia Record Exchange) and buying an actual album.

I didn’t feel like spending an obscene amount of money, so I gave myself a $20 budget.  I managed to find 3 albums of interest, with a total of 31 songs (beats $.99 per song!).  So far, I am not completely satisfied with my purchase, however, I have not had a chance to listen in depth to every album.  I will have to do a follow up on this to give a final review of my purchase.

Anyways, thinking about this trip spawned a question in my mind:

Am I “OLD SCHOOL” for preferring a “brick and mortar” record shop over these programs?

-Colin Stevens

North Phoenix Shopping…The Shops at Norterra!

28 01 2009

Colin C. Stevens
North Valley Specialist

This week, I have chosen to do a bit about the recently opened Shops at Norterra in my neck of the woods. It is located just east of the I-17 at Happy Valley Road in northern Phoenix, AZ.

Since it has opened, I have visited here several times to watch movies (the Harkins here is cheaper than AMC30), and dine out, but I have never gone there to soak in its essence. So, with camera in hand I parked my car and began the walk.

First thing that came to my mind was, “Wow, this reminds me of an outdoor mall I went to in San Diego last year.” The outdoor setup has become increasingly popular in Arizona. The Shops at Norterra is a pleasant mix of traditional malls (one giant parking lot, park & walk 2 miles into the anchors) and a mini downtown city center with streets running through the whole development, and angled parking in front of shops along the “main street.”

Second, I couldn’t help but notice how vacant the place was! But then it hit me…it’s Friday afternoon at 3 pm. Most people aren’t out of work or school yet, and those that are have already accomplished their errands for the day, and are most likely picking children up from school or at home preparing for the evening.

Third, I noticed the variety of stores. Many new ones had opened since I last came here! I won’t deny I had a little burst of joy when I saw the new Men’s Wearhouse. I meandered up and down the main street to find a Victoria’s Secret, Apricot Lane, Sauce (restaurant), Sunglass Hut, and many other new additions. I’m eager to see it again once the rest of the stores take place!

My take on this new shopping center: like it. Location: prime since shopping centers are still sparse this far north, thus making shopping more convenient for residents close by and all the way north to Anthem and New River. The feel: obviously relaxing, as it reminds me of an amazing vacation in San Diego. The design: pleasing to my eyes. Between The Shops at Norterra and The Happy Valley Towne Center across the street, one should have no problem finding what they desire.

For a complete list of stores, visit The Shops at Norterra and fora quick video drive through of the complex, visit another Shops at Norterra post

For more shopping, see my previous post– Arrowhead Towne Center (originally posted Dec 11, 2008, re posted earlier this month)

As always, feel free to give me your thoughts!