6 06 2010

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16 04 2010

I’m in CREATE MODE-brainstorming for my new blog site-ReMyousEstate-a mashup of Real Estate, Music, and YOU, the readers (pronounced Ree-muse-estate).  Thoughts?

Colin Stevens…the Canadian Connection

12 12 2009

Quick clip about my experience level with Canadian home buyers in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding cities.  Along with being Canadian friendly, I am an expert to anyone from out of state wanting to relocate or buy a vacation home, as the same principles apply most of the time.

Thanks for watching!

Colin Stevens

Where in The World is That Guy Colin Stevens?!

3 12 2009

Watch the video and it shall explain it all.  I haven’t posted in a minute or two, and this is what I have been doing with my time instead.

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Colin Stevens

The First Microsoft Store, Scottsdale, Arizona

23 10 2009

Microsoft Store Scottsdale, AZ 2

As promised in my previous post, I managed to make it out to the grand opening of this store ysesterday, and I must say, it was outstanding!  Some of the coolest things I noticed were:

The $10 MILLION dollar screen that ran the length of the store on both sides.  I am told it is powered by 7 computers running the new and highly praised Windows 7 operating system.

Layered Screen

The “surfaces,” which are basically touch screen table mats that can be used exclusively in commercial settings for now.  Imagine a 1/4 inch thick computer monitor that lays flat on any table, and you control it with your fingertips.  Minority Report anyone?  Plan on dropping a hefty $35K on these bad boys!

Windows 7…looked a lot like Vista to me, but I am told it is like a highly upgraded version of it.  This meaning it is much faster, and has tweaks making it more user friendly.  Unfortunately, the store was PACKED and I did not get much time to play around with the system, but the short time I was able to, I did notice it was much faster than Vista.  Other than that, It was visually pleasing and familiar (looked very similar to Vista).

One more cool thing about the store; you can purchase pretty much ANYTHING Microsoft (Windows 7, laptops, Zunes, PCs, xBox, xBox games, etc.).  ALSO, if you purchase a computer here, it will be comparable to a Best Buy/Fry’s Electronics price, MINUS THE FREEWARE and BS that they load their computers up with.  For me, it is a no brainer to shop here over retail electronic stores!

The only thing I missed was Ashley Tisdale…I don’t know how I am still alive!

Microsoft Store Scottsdale, AZ 3

P.S. is it ironic/weird that I am using a MAC to post this blog?

Microsoft’s first retail store! Scottsdale Arizona

21 10 2009

UPDATE!!  GO SEE MY LATEST POST with pictures and commentary from the GRAND OPENING, Microsoft Store Grand Opening in Scottsdale, AZ

So as I’m sure many people have been reading and hearing, Microsoft is due to open its first store ever inside Scottsdale Fashion Square this Thursday October 22, 2009. I will surely be there for the grand opening!

One thing I have noticed: Microsoft is becoming more and more like Apple, and vise versa. Am I the only one noticing this?

Mexico bound

8 10 2009

I’m in Gila Bend right now at the McDonalds on my way to Rocky Point! I haven’t been payin attention, but how is the real estate market is down there?

I will be pondering it while I enjoy my Dos Equis most definitely.